How to Register AdSense YouTube

How to Register AdSense YouTube

What are the conditions for registering YouTube AdSense? And how do you register for YouTube AdSense?

Terms Before YouTube Adsense Register

YouTube Adsense is one of the most promising sources of income, it's no wonder that almost all YouTubers activate Adsense ads on their videos. YouTube provides conditions before you can actually do monetization, which is an account that has been verified, has 1000 subscribers, has no spamming, and the most severe is to have got 4000 hours of broadcast over the past 12 months.

Here are some requirements that you need to consider when you want to monetize YouTube with AdSense:

1. Verified

The verification process is necessary when you want to upload long videos. How many hours of video are considered to be long?

Not for hours, YouTube considers videos with a duration of more than 15 minutes is a long duration video. So when you want to upload videos longer than that time please verify first.

The verification process is quite easy. You only need an active mobile number which will be used to receive a verification code. The following are the steps to verify your YouTube account.

Youtube Account Verification: Open Upload Page

The first step is to open the upload page. At the bottom of this page you will find the option to increase the duration of the video to be uploaded. Then click "Increase your limit".

YouTube Account Verification: Selecting the Verification Method

The second step is to choose the verification method. There are two methods to choose from: use voice messages or text messages that contain verification codes.

YouTube Account Verification: Validation

After getting the verification code then enter the code into the form provided. Then click "Submit".

If this process is successful, a profile will appear on the "Partner Verified" text.

After completing verification, you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes. You better not delay this process just in case one day upload videos more than 15 minutes do not need verification.

After this, you can upload some of your existing videos while completing several other YouTube monetization requirements with AdSense.

2. 4000 Airtime

The account must have 4000 live hours as a condition of registering YouTube AdSense. This total airtime has been calculated for the past 12 months. So you have to fulfill at least 4000 airtime for one year.

That's why you need to verify and upload as many videos as possible. More videos and long duration (most likely) will accelerate this requirement. So you don't need to be pessimistic right away, because everything definitely needs a process.

This requirement may not be ready immediately one or two months. You may need several months or even a year to get it. Now that's why you need to register for YouTube AdSense first. So that one day when these requirements are met, you no longer need to bother waiting and registering YouTube AdSense.

3. 1000 Subscriber

YouTube provides another condition that is quite difficult to register for YouTube adsense, which has 1000 subscribers. The number is only zero point, a percentage of total YouTube users, which reached 1.8 billion. With that many users, now (maybe) to get 1000 subscribers can be easy or can be achieved in a short time.

Not that easy! In addition to sharing the channels that you have with friends through social media, of course you need to maintain good and interesting video quality. Do not let the visitors who open the video you share feel bored and you fail to get subscribe.

There are several things you need to pay attention to to make interesting content. The first thing is of course the originality of the content. Good content is original or not plagiarized. You have to create your own content (though it's not perfect). This will be better than using content from other creators.

In addition to plagiarizing, there are several other things that need to be considered to create interesting and good content, such as: giving the best in the initial 15 seconds, giving content that invites visitors to open another video, accurate in providing data, using clear and easy language understandable, and others.

Through these brief guidelines, maximize your content at the beginning. Then fix it in the next contents. It doesn't matter if the content is still not perfect because you can still improve on the next content. That way, the number of 1000 subscribers is not impossible to get in a short time.

4. Avoid Spam Comments

Spam comments can hamper the process of registering YouTube AdSense. You may already meet all the requirements above. But if you are still spamming comments, it could be rejected YouTube AdSense account submission.

When registering YouTube AdSense, you do not immediately get an AdSense account easily. There are several verification and assessment processes that you need to go through by the YouTube team. Usually it will take several days for the announcement to appear whether your account is feasible or not.

Accounts that spam comments will certainly get a bad rate that affects the rating. You also need to re-register YouTube AdSense again.

Those are at least four factors that determine whether a YouTube AdSense account submission is accepted or not.

Now that you know the terms of YouTube's monetization with AdSense, it's time you know how to register for YouTube AdSense.

How to Register AdSense YouTube

You need a YouTube account to register AdSense. Therefore, the first step you need to do is create a YouTube account.

You can create YouTube account using a Gmail account. I'm sure most of you already have it. Access the site then log in using an active email.

When you have successfully logged into YouTube. The first thing to register for YouTube AdSense is to enter the settings menu. You do this by clicking on "Icon Profile» Settings".

The menu will direct you to the settings page.

On this page, click "Icon Profile» Creator Studio" again to enter your own studio dashboard.

YouTube Creator Studio is a dashboard developed by Google for Content Creator videos on YouTube. This dashboard contains a collection of settings that make it easy to manage videos and their accounts.

The YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard provides access to moderate comments, options for uploading videos, access analytical statistics quickly, and of course to register for YouTube AdSense. This dashboard also provides a menu for uploading and managing videos that are already live.

Through this dashboard, you can directly apply for an AdSense YouTube account even though you don't have an uploaded video. In the channel section, please click "Others Features» Monetization".

After opening the menu, you will be taken to the YouTube Partner Program page. This page contains the steps you need to do to register for YouTube AdSense. How to register AdSense AdSense itself consists of four stages.
  1. YouTube Partner Program Approval,
  2. Connecting a YouTube account with AdSense,
  3. Set Monetization Options,
  4. Review after getting 4000 airtime and 1000 subscribers.

Stage 1: YouTube Partner Program Approval

You will see the terms of the agreement containing the rules that apply as long as you use the YouTube Partner Program.

If you agree, you check the available options as below.

When finished, click "I accept" to proceed to the next step.

adsense youtube

You can skip "Email me with options, announcements, your personalized tips to help grow my channel." To not get the latest information about the YouTube Partner Program in email.

Stage 2: Linking your YouTube account with AdSense

For those of you who don't have an AdSense account, you don't need to worry because at this stage there is also an option to create a new AdSense specifically for YouTube.

Meanwhile, for those of you who already have your own Adsense, you can directly link it. You don't need to register from the start.

After this you will be taken to a page to link YouTube with an AdSense account. If you don't have an AdSense account, you will be guided to create a new AdSense account.

The first form you are asked to fill in your name and other information related to the account that will be created. This includes a selection of target countries or regions.

If you have finished filling out the form and agree with the applicable provisions, please click "Create Account" to create an AdSense account.

It will automatically open the Google AdSense dashboard page. You are also asked to fill in some information about the account that will be created such as name and address.

Urgent! Fill in the address correctly because the address Google uses to send the verification code when your AdSense balance is sufficient to be withdrawn.

After completing filling, click "Submit" to proceed to the next stage.

At this point, you have successfully submitted an AdSense account to Google. You just have to wait until your account can be used.

While waiting, you can proceed to the next stage which is to set the display of monetization ads.

Stage 3: Set Monetization Options

This stage regulates the position of ads that will be displayed when YouTube AdSense submissions are accepted.

On the Monetization page click "Start" in the 'Set monetization preference'. The position of this ad can also be a determinant of how much money you can get from ads that appear on video.

There are four types of display ads, namely display ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, and skippable video ads. Skippable video ads have the potential to bring in huge revenue compared to the other three types. Following is an explanation of each type of ads.

- Display Ads

display ads youtube

This type of ad appears on the right side of the screen. Always appear from the beginning to the end of the video being played. These ads can only appear when visitors use desktop devices.

There are several choices in photo size and format and animation. Although it is also in the form of video, Display Ads ads do not support autoplay sound (there is no sound automatically) so it does not interfere with the video being played. But visitors can usually listen to the sound by clicking on the animated image.

- Overlay Ads

Ads Overlay

Ads Overlay appear on the screen so that it slightly covers the video being played. In contrast to Display Ads, this type of ad can be closed manually if the visitor wants it so it is not too annoying. The size is approximately 480 × 70 pixels.

- Sponsored Cards

Sponsored Cards

Sponsored Cards is a new type of YouTube ad. This ad works by displaying a teaser to video visitors. After a while the teaser is replaced with a card icon display. This ad appears at the top right of the video being viewed. The icon gives the user the choice to close or click to get complete information regarding the ad displayed.

This ad is almost the same as Display Ads, it's just that the location and function are slightly different. The similarity between the two is inviting visitors to take further action after the ad is finished (clicking or searching for information).

- Skippable Video Ads

Skippable Video Ads

Skippable Video Ads you often encounter when playing videos on YouTube. This ad usually appears at the beginning of the video or the end of the video. But in some videos this type of advertisement is sometimes displayed in the middle of the video.

This ad is in the form of video with varying duration. Some are five seconds, some even reach a few minutes.

Even though it's long, visitors can skip it by clicking the "Skip" button which usually appears after five seconds.

Of the four choices, you can choose them all or choose just one. I suggest adjusting the video that is playing. If you want to immediately apply these settings to all videos, don't forget to enable the 'Monetize all existing and future videos' option.

Stage 4: Review after getting 4000 airtime and 1000 subscribers

At this point, you have successfully registered for YouTube AdSense. All you have to do is wait for your submission information via email as discussed in the previous section.

So now all you need to do is focus on making the best content possible to get 4000 hours of broadcast and also 1000 subscribers in the fastest possible time.

Your content will automatically be considered appropriate or not to become a YouTube Partner Program in accordance with applicable regulations. YouTube will email you the final decision which usually takes several days or even months.

Make sure that the videos you make can be seen so the team can see the total number of views of your content: if they can't find enough public content or don't reach 4000 hours of broadcast, they can't consider your channel.

Last update: 2020, January, 30
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