The Best Solutions For Making money On The Internet

Welcome to this simple blog. My simple website where I share with you how to make money from the internet.

I've been making money online for five years running an online business. Of course, I do not get billions of dollars in running an online business ... no, I only make a few dollars each, even if not, at least this is the result of my hard work during running an online business. Do not rule out if you persevere in running an online business will earn tens of millions of dollars tia month.

make money on internet

In this article, I can not give you an instant way how to quickly make money from the internet. but I can help you find ideas to make a little more money. I have many ideas to offer to you!

I am always looking for new solutions to supplement my income, to earn money if not ... as time goes by, I have found and tested many diverse and varied methods and plans, and today I want to share it with you, from now on the homepage this, but also in my directory devoted to good deals and my blog.

Voila for a small presentation .... mmmmh, where to start now? There is a lot to say about it ... we can start with

Some ideas for earning some free money on the internet

Good plans to make profitable its connection there is a pile, but they are not all worth it. Some activities are more rewarding than others, easier or faster ...

Each of the methods of earnings that will follow can allow you to round off your end of the month for free, there I speak of winning a few euros or a few tens of euros rather easily (do not expect to earn a salary), however some solutions are quite time-consuming ... the best is to test a little bit of everything, we often end up finding a shoe to his feet.

Paid surveys

First, there are paid surveys, making money by giving your opinion is a method used by millions of people around the world.

It's free and it's not complicated, but a bit time-consuming it must be admitted. Remunerations are quite variable depending on the site, some pay well ... others pay a little lance rock, but overall it remains a good method of earnings.

In this area there is a wide choice of sites that offer this service, you will find several in the directory of tips, but if I had to recommend two or three right now I would say there is :

  1. My Opinion Counts, with its payment threshold at 2.5 euros it is ideal to test and see if this method of earnings is made for you or not.
  2. MySurvey can win 1 to 5 euros per survey completed.
  3. Ask GFK, the world's fourth largest market research company, Ask GFK can also offer product testing.
  4. Panélia - with more than 60,000 members - offers free gifts of all kinds by completing surveys.
  5. YourOpinion can win free gift vouchers by participating by giving his opinion.
  6. GreenPanthera, a payment threshold a bit high (from $ 30) but many surveys to earn money and cashback offers to save money.
  7. Global Test Market, with a higher earnings withdrawal threshold, but if you want to get started in this business, it's one of the must-have sites.

Multi-win sites

What I call " multi-grain " sites are sites that offer a lot of different income-generating activities.

These sites are useful for small money gains, it is really to earn a few euros or a few dozens of times.

This kind of site can earn us money in a variety of ways: reading paid e-mails, website visits, surveys, paid registrations, application downloads, cash-backs, newsletter subscriptions, contest contests, watching videos, and much more ...

These sites are very numerous on the internet, they are thousands, but they are not all worth it. Some are more interesting than others like for example Moolineo , Qassa, Mailorama, Click-it, Neobux, and

Make more money with small jobs online

The two ideas that I share with you above to make money are effective in rounding up the end of the month from time to time, but nowhere are other methods that may allow you to earn a decent income supplement. of this name.

Here too, the methods of earnings that will follow are entirely free. Admittedly, they require more time, but the bridge in terms of earnings is more interesting.

Get paid for testing websites or apps

First of all, there is the site:  Test pic, which is particularly interesting in this field since it pays 7 euros per oral or written test.

On Testapic we earn money by testing websites and then giving its impression, this test can be done orally, with your screen that is filmed (in this case it must, of course, a microphone) or at the written.

If you have a tablet or a smartphone and want to make money with it, there is also AppVip application, which offers to earn money by testing applications and again, giving his opinion.

Sell small services

On the internet we can, of course, offer various and varied services ... and we can gain a lot of visibility for its ads through jobbing sites.

Sites like Fiverr or allow offering services for sale, of all kinds and for free. We can very well offer small unusual services or computer skills.

A talent for writing? Good potential gains!

To make money on the internet one can also consider becoming a copywriter.

Many websites require more content and, most importantly, updated content.

There are several sites that offer to connect buyers and writers. There is, for example, the site: TextMaster, or the site: TextBroker.

But of course, on the internet, there are still other solutions with much higher earnings potential

Create a business on the internet!

It's time to leave the small gains of the net and online jobs to devote a small part of this page to methods of earnings that can enable us to make a living through the internet.

Some entrepreneurs have built a real business and even empires on the internet. Some Internet users earn their lives through the internet and especially through methods like the two that I will present below ...

Make money on YouTube

Do you have chat? You are not too shy? So you can earn passive income from YouTube.

But beware, between "power" and "win" there is still a big difference ... YouTube is taken over by many Internet users who have the ambition to earn money through this site...

And suddenly the competition is tough.

You have to get rid of the mass ... and that's not easy.

And then you have to find an idea of videos too! Have not ... not easy.

There are some classics that seem to work for sure, such as videos of really useful information, tutorials on photoshop, videos to learn English, tutorials for some video games ...

Otherwise, there is obviously the sketch, but here you have to know how to make people laugh ...

Maybe a little complicated for you? In any case, it is for me. So here's another way to make money by developing a real online business

Make money with a blog

Or another type of site of course.

Personally, it is this method of earnings that I use the most ... but it is not obvious there also to stand out from the competition.

You have to be patient and perseverant.

Many bloggers say it's quick and easy to develop a site and get rich with it ... But that's wrong.

Is it easy? Well, ok I want to believe it, now there are simple enough solutions to create a blog, such as Blogger, Wordpress or e-monsite.

Is it fast? No, except for some lucky ones.

Making a living with a blog is the dream of a lot of people ... including me for example.

But it's time-consuming, many things take time, such as:

  1. Create the blog,
  2. Feed it with contents,
  3. Develop your visibility,
  4. Learn, fail and get up.

Here is a perfect example ... Asthana was created on July 17, 2014, and yet its traffic is really changing only in recent months ...

I learned that to make money with a blog, you need a lot of perseverance and failures.

After obviously, it gets easier ... I have a site similar to Asthune (also focused on methods to earn money), and it evolves much faster because I know what to do and what that we must not ...

Once the blog has started well, it must be monetized, and that ... you can discover how to do by browsing the blog, or the directory :).
Anas Muhammad Writing on the website is very fun!

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