Best selling online games in Indonesia

Best selling online games in Indonesia!
Here are the best-selling online games in Indonesia! - What are the best-selling online games in Indonesia? / The online game PUBG is now in the spotlight because of the shooting at the New Zealand Mosque. The perpetrator could do the cruel action because he claimed to be inspired by the game.

Various countries also condemned this best-selling shooting game. Like India which has already banned it, with the excuse that it contains violence and is not good for children.

While Malaysian scholars intend to issue illicit fatwas against this one game. But, unfortunately, their youth and sports minister actually rejected the ulama's proposal.

In Indonesia, the Indonesian Ulema Council also had a chance to forbid this one game.

To be able to make a mature decision, they also did a deep research. Finally, PUBG is considered not haram, but it should only be played for teenagers over 18 years.

The plan to make PUBG illegitimate has been criticized by all online game activists. They considered this step very unreasonable.

If searched in Indonesia, PUBG is one of the best-selling games. How not, you can play it for free, and can be played anywhere using a mobile device.

But, it turns out that PUBG is not the only best-selling game. As reported by Katadata, here are 10 list of best-selling mobile games in Indonesia:

Here are 10 best-selling online games in Indonesia!

10. Game online RPG Laplace M

This online game made by Bamboo Curtain country is ranked 10th as the best-selling Indonesian game.

This game has almost the same concept as the legendary Ragnarok game. You are welcome to choose one hero, then wander to carry out the mission ordered.

The game which was just released on March 5, was immediately successful in getting a rating of 85.4 thousand Android user ratings, and 2.3 thousand iOS users. With global sales to date it has reached US $ 10 thousand.

9. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

This mobile game made by Gravitiy Corporation from South Korea has successfully made Ragnarok fans reminisce.

Unlike the previous PC version, Eternal Love has more characters to choose from. You can choose Swordsman, Merchant, Thief, Archer, Magician and Acolyte jobs.

Since its introduction in Indonesia, this online game has received a rating of 221.1 thousand Android users, and 11.1 thousand iOS users. Their global sales profit reached US $ 5 million or around Rp. 71 billion.

8. Lineage 2 Revolution

Unlike other RPG games, Lineage 2 Revolution offers better graphics. Their image quality is above Ragnarok and Laplace M.

The extensive game map allows users to play together in real time. This online game made by Netmarble (South Korea) can be downloaded for free on the Google Play platform and the App Store.

Launched in Indonesia in March 2018, this game has received a rating of 266 thousand Android users with a global sales profit of US $ 1.4 million or Rp. 19 billion.

7. Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans

As the name implies, you will be assigned to lead a kingdom like a sultan. The task, you run the government by collecting money, harvesting agricultural products, and gathering troops to fight.

This online game made by Mechanics from China has received a rating of 309.3 thousand Android users, and 598 iOS users. Global profits reached US $ 9 million or Rp 128 billion.

6. Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms

Again, online games from China are included in this list, at number 6 there is Rise of Kingdoms. For you players must develop a city from the stone age, into a modern city.

Not only that, you also need to strengthen your city with troops and attack the borders of other cities to control it.

This game gets a rating of 394.4 thousand Android users, and 1500 iOS users. With profits reaching US $ 14 million or Rp 199 billion.

5. Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings game is almost the same as the Clash of Clans that had boomed, a few years ago. As a player, you have a duty to develop the kingdom and also strengthen the army.

Here, you can also befriend other kingdoms, so when the kingdom is attacked and the city is destroyed, your friend can help restore it. The recovery period will be faster if you get help.

Global sales of online games is quite fantastic, which is around US $ 8 million or Rp. 113 billion.

4. Lords Mobile: Battle of Empire

This strategy game was developed by IGG, a game developer from China. Just like the previous games, this one online game also has the task of building empires, strengthening troops, and attacking other kingdoms.

In Lord Mobile there are about 40 heroes. Each hero has advantages and disadvantages of each. As players you only need to develop them.

Global sales reached US $ 27 million or around Rp 384 billion.

3. Mobile Legends

Mobile legends

Since the arrival of Mobile Legends in the country, all online game enthusiasts have been made bowed on all occasions. There is a little chance they mabar (play together).

The presence of this one game as an alternative for those lovers of DOTA. The method and strategy of the game are similar to DOTA, but they are superior because they can be played on a smart phone. So it's more practical than DOTA.

As players you only need to choose a hero and create a group of five people, and then destroy each other's base. Who is good at preparing equipment and agile using tricks, he is the superior.

Moonton's game has successfully achieved global sales of around US $ 9 million or Rp 128 billion.



This game is one that could make a commotion to the extent that the scholars intervened. This war game ranks second as the best-selling game in Indonesia.

Indeed, in terms of content, this one game is not really appropriate for children, because it is more violent. But in fact, there are also many children who play. Maybe for parents to be more vigilant just watching him.

As players, you will be friends with four people to be able to survive against 96 people. The one who wins, he can last the last.

Global sales of games made by US $ 19 million or Rp 270 billion. Its rating on Android has reached 13.1 million and 58 million on iOS devices.

1. Free Fire

free fire

Apparently there are still those who compete with the popularity of PUBG, namely Free Fire. This online game has the same way of playing with PUBG, you teammate defeating other enemies to be able to survive to the end.

Developed by Garena International from Singapore, this one game received global sales of US $ 20 million or Rp 284 billion.

That's the best-selling game in Indonesia. Remember all the online games above do contain elements of violence, so that things don't happen like in New Zealand, play wisely and keep an eye on minors.
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