Tour and Travel Business Opportunities in Indonesia

The travel business sector has indeed developed very rapidly in recent years. Besides being fun to run, the business proved to be quite promising. Just imagine, you can earn money with an online based business. It is not surprising that this field is loved by many people. No exception for millennials whose adventurous spirit is very high.

What is Travel Business?

Travel business is a business that focuses on helping someone or a party on a trip. In a broad scope, there are many types of travel businesses that can be used as an option. The stages range from offering ticket search and cheap accommodation services, to open trip tours and travel. The business also provides services in the form of tour guides for travelers.

In general, this travel business covers the entire tourism sector. So, you make it easy for the public to plan the desired trip. The target, for the domestic, to the international, depends on the type of service to be applied. The most widespread at this time is an open trip abroad. This type is very popular with many people.

In other words, you can sell an all in one package. The package is full of airline tickets, hotel accommodations, transportation and meals during the trip, guides, and so forth. Moreover, there are currently a lot of cheap airline ticket promos that can be used as alternative solutions, so that trips are more affordable for consumers. Surely it still benefits the tour and travel business.

Tour & Travel Business Opportunities in Indonesia

Tour and Travel Business Opportunities in Indonesia

Traveling is now part of the lifestyle of modern society, including in Indonesia. Some people who have a holiday hobby then try to start a tour and travel service business to benefit and facilitate their passion. This travel agent business provides a variety of services, for example tourist accommodation, ticketing, to religious travel agent services. In Indonesia, the business opportunities for religious tours and travel are also very large considering that every year tens of thousands of Muslims visit the holy land of Mecca. Traveling abroad is also not a difficult thing to do anymore, the closest such as a tour to the State of Malaysia.

Paying attention to Travel Agent Business Opportunities

Then how exactly is the business opportunity? Here are the details that hopefully can motivate you to take action in starting this business:

From year to year more and more people are using airplane transportation. At present alone it is estimated that around 70 million people fly every year to various places with various destinations.

Domestic and foreign airlines also do not want to lose competition to increase the number of aircraft and their flight routes. One Indonesian airline is known to make large-scale purchases of Boeing USA aircraft

Airports in Indonesia also continue to strive to improve services and capacity, bearing in mind that our country is a holiday destination for both local and foreign tourists. This is not surprising considering our homeland won several times as one of the most beautiful countries in the world by international tourism media.

Anyone can get on a plane at this time, so that the plane ticket market segment is no longer for the upper middle class but has touched all levels of society.

The peak and high season is the harvest season for tourism businesses with an increasing number of consumers. During the holiday season, tour packages, hotel vouchers, land and air public transport tickets, vehicle rentals, and airport pick-up services.

Pioneering Business Travel

After knowing this great tour organizer business opportunity, you shouldn't need to hesitate anymore to get started. Don't be discouraged about the capital you have to spend because there are currently more and more large and experienced travel business owners providing opportunities for people who want to participate. This can be done with an affiliate program. The brief explanation is that you act as a marketer who sells tourism products from business owners.

The profit you get comes from the commission with a percentage according to the agreement agreed upon. With this collaboration model, of course you do not need to spend a very large capital, just a laptop or computer with an internet connection and printer. If the business has begun to develop and have many customers, you can consider recruiting 1-2 employees as administrative staff.

As a beginner this business can be said to not require special expertise. Tourism business affiliate or franchise providers generally also provide marketing and management support systems to help their partners. In addition to supporting members to improve welfare, increasing sales from these partners also has an impact on corporate profits, so it can be said to be a symbiosis of good business mutualism.

In addition to the tour and travel business opportunities that are quite large, this business is also long-term because until now and so on the need for these services will always be large and increasing. There will always be people who travel every day, whether for travel or business trips so that business opportunities are always open to you. Well, now it depends on you how to deal with these conditions in order to become a way of sustenance and will be even better if you can open jobs for others.

As mentioned earlier, many people are motivated to start a tour and travel business because they have a vacation hobby. Not a few owners of travel services at the beginning of starting their business plunge directly into the role of tour leader because there is not yet available funds to recruit professional guides. Here you can also get a free vacation at the same time. Exciting, right? Meeting lots of people and communicating with them benefits not only opening up insights but also adding to your connection.

Tourism Services Business Strategy

Of course there are many people out there who think the same thing, that this tourism service business opportunity is very profitable and starts to pioneer the business. This makes the tour and travel business increasingly mushrooming and triggers fierce competition to attract consumers. You need the right strategy to not only survive but also increase sales. The first step that can be done is to conduct research to determine market segmentation clearly and after that start selling your product.

Don't just rely on conventional marketing models such as exhibiting, but don't miss to use the internet as your campaign program. The advantage of internet marketing is that you can save a budget for promotion, can be done anytime, and be able to reach (potential) customers not only from the area around your offline outlets but also outside the city and even abroad.

There's nothing wrong with learning the tricks of social media optimization like Instagram and Facebook, chat application optimization such as WhatsApp and Line, or building a website for the business. The advantages of having an official business website will make your business look professional, impressive, and trusted. If you are not an expert in designing a website, don't hesitate to use the services of a third party.

You must choose a professional partner for these marketing needs. Before using the services of a website designer first learn the portfolio of the company of your choice. Consult your desires that must be represented by the existence of these sites. Websites that can attract the attention of internet users and increase sales opportunities are those that have a neat appearance, are user friendly, and are easy to get the information needed.

There are two levels in online marketing, first, promotion with a more general target market related to tourism products that want to be marketed, for example vacation packages to popular tourist destinations and attractions. Second, this promotion can be done if your business is large enough and intend to recruit affiliate partners or resellers. At this company-level promotion you can describe why the business you manage deserves to be a partner for beginners who want to start a tour and travel agent business.

Combining offline promotion tools by participating in exhibitions, as well as online through websites and social media, is deemed accurate enough to target both markets as long as they can be done properly. At the beginning of starting a business the benefits that you get may not be too big, which is around 5% to 7%, so you must make sure you have a large turnover in order to get a large profit.
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