Top 10 Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2020

Top 9 Best Ad Networks for Publishers

The best ad networks 2020 for publishers and advertisers, complete with alternative ad networks for recommended publishers, who are proven to pay dearly for each click on their ad, in order to increase your additional income on the internet!

This year many of the best ad networks that offer expensive CPC and CPM for each ad publisher, of course this is a very good opportunity, where publishers can collect more money, can increase revenue and income from advertisements posted on the website.

However, for those who do not become Google Adsense ad publishers, they should not be discouraged, because they can still have the opportunity to get money on the internet from alternative ad networks to replace adsense, the process of receiving as a publisher is not as difficult as registering to register on the Google Adsense ad network.

Not only that, the number of alternative ad networks, will provide many choices for anyone who wants to advertise on the internet, promotion of services, services, brands, products, or whatever else they want to advertise, in order to increase online sales.

#1 Best Ad Networks 2020

Here what I certify as the best ad network for ad publishers is the ad network from google, namely adsense. Where many adsense ads become rich people only with the skills they have by creating unique content on the website or YouTube.

#1 Google AdSense is an advertising service program managed by Google. Every blog or website owner around the world can use this program, if you don't have a blog yet, you can create one at If you register to google adsense and the registration is received by google adsense then you as the owner of a blog or website can display advertisements on your website or blog.

Ads displayed by Google Adsense can resemble videos, text, images, or text along with images. These ads are managed by Google and can make money for you personally. Google will pay every time someone clicks on an ad on your website. The method of making money from adsense will be calculated by the model per ad click or per thousand impressions.

To support the adsense ad service providers, Google utilizes a very sophisticated search technology, which allows ads displayed on your blog or website according to the theme of the keywords discussed, as well as the location of the geographical target of visitors, and from other factors.

For those of you who want to advertise and advertise your products on Google Adsense you can register in the Google AdWords program. And if you have a website or blog, and want to find additional income from the internet you can register as an adsense ad publisher, you can directly register to Google Adsense.

Must be vigilant as a publisher of Adsense ads

Google Adsense is indeed a lucrative program, if successfully run successfully, imagine a successful adsenser can reap the benefits of being an adsense publisher with a free blog or paid web. Successful advertisers sometimes make a lot of people jealous.

Imagine how people who work from home or internet cafes but they get a dollar income. No wonder many people who justify all means in hunting dollars in adsense. However, not dollars earned or even can be banned mass obtained.

Indeed in practice it is very difficult to fool Google. There are some bloggers trying various tricks, such as using a proxy to disguise their IP or change their IP to another country. Then clicking on the ads themselves, but still can not and instead reap adverse results in the form of BANNED by Google.

What is clear is whether the technology is used by Google, so they can find out everything, but basically, if there is a tendency to drastically increase dollar revenue which has never happened before in your Google Adsense account, then this can cause something very suspicious.

Top #2 - #10 Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers In 2020

Here are Top 9 best ad networks for publishers, advertisers and WordPress bloggers:

#2 Yllix Inc.

ylliX - International CPM / CPC / CPA Online Advertising Network.

Yllix Inc. is one of the ad networks in Indonesia which according to some sources is a good alternative to Adsense. Why ? because the ads from Yllix are good and don't just display download banners, like most other ad networks.

Ad network based in Panama City, Panama. Yllix supports Indonesian. And of course receive traffic from Indonesia, and other countries.

The requirements to register are quite easy and there are no special requirements to be accepted as their publisher. All you have to do is register as a publisher and will quickly receive notifications to approve your site.

The advertising system of Yllix is ​​based on CPM, CPC, CPA. Supports 300 × 250, 468 × 60, 728 × 90, 120 × 600, 160 × 600, 300x50 (mobile) banner ad formats, PrePop, PopUp, PopUnder, and Redirect Mobile.

How does Yllix work?

You only need to create a free ylliX Publisher account which can be activated immediately after registration. Then, create an ad tag - an HTML / JavaScript code that you can place on your website. That is all! Our system will do everything while you just sit and watch your bank account balance continue to grow.

Register for free!

100% free! YLlix publishers don't need to pay.

How long is the account activation time?

There is no manual verification for the publisher account that was just created on ylliX. Your ylliX publisher account is active immediately after you create it.

Are publishers from America also accepted?

Of course! ylliX welcomes publishers from all countries - regardless of location and large or small. Yllix will not reject a publisher based on its location.

Is traffic from America also received?

YlliX has 100% international compliance (yes, absolutely one hundred percent). Yllix receives traffic from all countries, as I said above.

What types of ads can be served?

Yllix serves banners, sliders, layers, pop-ups, and mobile redirects. We are constantly trying to add new types of ads so that your revenue grows faster.

Classic Banner Ads

Classic Banner Ads are the most commonly used type of advertising. We offer both iframe and JavaScript ad tags and JavaScript ad tags are highly recommended. Classic banner ads display various types of advertisements such as text ads, static image ads, animated image ads, video ads, flash ads, and third party advertisements provided by Yllix ad partners.

- almost 100% fillrate in all countries and all devices.
- more CPM campaigns.
- higher income

- HTTPs ad tags are not available.
- there may be unexpected content such as popups, automatic sounds, etc.

Secure Banner Advertising

Safe Banner Ads are a type of ad that is similar to Classic Banner Ads. Yllix offers iFrame ad tags and JavaScript ad tags (JavaScript ad tags are highly recommended). Secure Banner Ads display various types of advertisements such as text ads, static image ads, animated image ads, video ads, flash ads, and third party advertisements provided by our advertising partners. Unlike Classic Banner Ads, all third party advertisements are verified and monitored manually every day to prevent dangerous elements such as redirects, popups, etc.

- almost 100% fillrate in all countries and all devices.
- all third party advertisements are monitored daily / at a small risk of dangerous content.

- there is the possibility of unexpected content appearing such as popups, automatic sounds, etc.
- fewer CPM campaigns than Classic Banner Ads.
- Lower income for websites with lower CTR and Conversion Rate.

HTTPS Secure Banner Ads

HTTPs Secure Banner Ads are a type of ad that is similar to ylliX Secure Banner Ads. We offer iFrame ad tags and JavaScript ad tags (JavaScript ad tags are strongly recommended). HTTPs Secure Banner Ads display various types of advertisements such as text ads, static image ads, animated image ads, video ads, flash ads, and third party advertisements provided by our advertising partners. Unlike Classic Banner Ads, all third party advertisements are verified and monitored manually every day to prevent dangerous elements such as redirects, popups, etc.

- high fillrate in most countries.
- all third party advertisements are monitored daily = small risk of dangerous content.
- HTTPs ad tags.

- Fewer CPM ads compared to ylliX Classic Banner Ads.
- Lower income for websites with lower CTR / Conversion Rate.

How to Register Yllix Ads?

Go to the site

Please fill in the first name, last name, email, then click Create Account. Make sure you receive the registration correctly to complete the account registration. Don't forget to check the email to verify your account.

After creating an account now check your email, there is a message from yllix (if there is no spam check) then click the activation click link requested by yllix to activate your yllix account.

Then later it will complete to complete your data such as address, no cellphone, payment method, and will also choose to want to pay the amount. From the smallest $ 1, $ 5, to $ 10 and every payment through PayPal or Payza, if through PayPall you can fill in your Paypall email address correctly. The benefits of this system can we pay for ourselves and also can at any time.

How to Install Yllix Ad Code?

  • Click AdTag -> AdTag Banner.
  • In the Rating, Adult and Adult sections!
  • Format, ad sizes that are appropriate for your website.
  • Display layer ad: Just specify No.
  • If so, click Get Ad Tag, then copy the entire ad script code.
  • Go to Blogger -> order -> Add -> HTML / JavaScript -> Paste the ad script code -> Save.

After that, wait until the ad appears on your blog and will get an email from Yllix on your site that has been approved by Yllix to display ads.

#3 PopCash Network

PopCash - The Popunder Network. Buy and sell popunder traffic with the leading advertising network.

PopCash is a highly specialized popunder ad network. Even though popunder, and especially popups, have been famous for bothering visitors, advertisers still prefer to use them, especially because of their high conversion rates. PopCash uses a popunder ad scheme where ads are displayed in a new window, under the current browser. Ads are triggered by visitors who click anywhere on the website that contains the PopCash ad code.

PopCash uses a dynamic bidding system. Your traffic level depends on a variety of different factors, such as traffic quality, end user location and advertiser demand.

PopCash offers and accepts payments through most major payment processors and gateways, such as PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, and Bank Transfer. Payments are processed every day, with a minimum minimum amount of $ 10 for cash out and $ 5 for deposits. This provides a perfect opportunity for everyone who is just starting out and does not have a large advertising budget.

Graphic Elements

Using the right PopCash graphic elements will help attract more customers to use your service. PopCash offers raster and vector graphic designers. If needed, we can also provide various other elements that might be of interest. For each request, please contact PopCash.

History of PopCash

The PopCash idea was born in early 2012 and, after several months of planning, Alex and Radu began sketching concepts.

On September 20, 2012, the first internal tests were carried out. On October 1, the first version was officially launched.

From the start, the PopCash platform quickly began to build momentum. As the popularity grew sharply, as one might imagine, workloads began to increase. This encourages us to recruit more talented people to provide new features with an increased development speed.

One year later, PopCash also began to focus on cellular traffic, which is, and continues to be, in full expansion. 2013 was also amazing, because PopCash reached 1 million daily views.

In 2015, PopCash receives more than 500 million unique visitors every month, entering the Alexa Top Global Site.

Since 2012, the PopCash development and support team has grown, reaching 10 colleagues, and PopCash moving its operations office to a much larger space.

Along the way, the PopCash platform continues to improve and, in 2017, PopCash is proud to announce a new and completely redesigned version, which offers an impressive, attractive and user-friendly design.

How to Register PopCash Publisher

  • Please visit PopCash.Net.
  • Fill in the registration data in PopCash valid, like the following example:
    1. Full Name: Fill in your full name.
    2. Username: Fill in the username you want (used when entering the PopCash dashboard).
    3. Your Email: Fill in your email address.
    4. Email Confirm: Fill again with your email.
    5. Password: Fill in the password (it's up to and later used to enter the PopCash dashboard).
    6. Password Confirm: Fill in again with your previous password.
    7. Phone: Fill in your telephone number, it doesn't matter either, because it's only optional.
    8. Country: Fill in your home country (Indonesia).
    9. IM Network: may be left blank.
    10. IM ID: you can leave it blank.
  • Don't forget to check the column I have read and agree with the terms and conditions. Then click the Submit button.
  • After the registration form is filled in correctly, a notification will appear for you to immediately open and confirm your email.
  • Next, check your email, and confirm your email. After confirming, a notification will appear from PopCash.

How to install PopCash ads

  • Select the Publisher menu -> click Websites -> Click Add New Website.
  • Then add your website in the domain column, then select a category, if you have click Add Website.
  • Click the "Get Code" code icon -> select the website you have registered -> click Get code.
  • Next you just copy and paste the code above and place the </body> code in your blog template edit. Done!

#4 Infolinks Ads

Infolinks is one of the In-text advertising service providers that was founded in 2007, which allows Web Content owners, or commonly called Web Publishers, to benefit from In-text advertising in the form of ad revenue without risk. Infolinks also provides competitive revenue sharing to Web Publishers as is done by Google Adsense, Adbrite, and Kontera.

How it works Infolinks

The initial step, of course, Web Publishers must enter the Javascript obtained in the account at Infolinks owned, after that Infolinks detects the site pages using the algorithm system, then changes the randomly selected keywords to later become Pay per click (PPC), so the link will be appears as a platform that has a double underline in the Web Content itself. When our mouse is pointing to the link, floating information will appear in the form of bubbles with content from the advertiser. If the link is clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser's landing page, otherwise, when the mouse moves away from the link, the bubble will disappear. Usually the ads that appear have links or links with keywords chosen by Infolinks from web content, so that when a bubble appears above the text it makes visitors interested to click the link that appears, for example, if the keyword chosen by Infolinks is football, of course there will be a bubble bubble which is related to football.

Web Publishers get full control over the text in advertisements on web content allowing more flexibility in determining and configuring various parameters of In-Text ads, including graphs of appearance, number, and location in web content. Infolinks also guides Web Publishers through this process and makes it possible to change configurations at any time. So that web publishers can easily adjust and configure various parameters of text in advertisements, including appearance graphics, number of ads per page, and location of advertisements on web content or on each page.

Qualification to Register Infolinks

Infolinks is open to all Web publishers, large or small, with no registration fees and minimum page number requirements. However, Infolinks will not allow Web Content deemed to have negative, illegal or offensive effects in any way.

Infolinks Registration Method

First, complete the registration form, then Infolinks will review the request to become a Web Publisher and of course with the approval of the prospective Web Publisher, which is confirmed by e-mail with a link to the Web Publisher's account in collaboration with Infolinks and accompanied by JavaScript which will later be inserted into the Web Content; this process can take up to 24 hours.

Payment and Income

Every time a site visitor clicks on In-text advertising, the Web Publisher will be paid. The more In-text advertising the visitor clicks on, the greater the results obtained by Web Publishers. Usually the Infolinks report to Web Publishers is done every change of date, but can be checked at any time. The way Infolinks offers Web Publishers to accept payments has several options: PayPal, Bank Wire, ACH (Automated Clearing House) (Only for US bank accounts).

At the end of each monthly payment period, Infolinks calculates Web Publisher earnings for the month and payment issues within 45 days at the end of the payment period, as an industry practice standard. The only exception must occur if the Web Publisher's monthly income is less than the Infolinks payment limit. The minimum limit is 50 US dollars. But if the Web Publisher's earnings are less than that threshold at the end of the month, these funds will be carried over to the following month.

There are several terms in InfoLinks that you should know about, including the following:

In-text advertising

Is an ad contained in the choice of web content words, connecting connections from a site to the advertiser's site. The selected word can be chosen by the Web Publisher, or from the advertiser.

Web Publisher

A person or group who owns a site or blog, and has the right to fill, change, and add content to web content.

Web Content

The content of a site, by its nature can be textual, visual or listening which is found on a site. Can include, among others: text, images, sound, video and animation.

Pay per click (PPC)

A collaborative method of advertising on the internet where the site owner will be paid for every click on the site's visitors on the ad links installed on the site or blog.

Bank Wire

Bank network system with the method of transferring money from one person or institution (body) to another. A transfer can be made from one bank account to another bank account or through cash transfers at a cash office, one of the biggest bank network examples for this is Western Union.

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Electronic network system for financial transactions in the United States. ACH processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions. ACH direct deposit credit transfers including payroll and vendor payments.

#5 Adsterra Network

Launched in 2013, Adsterra is a premium global ad network serving over 10 billion geo-targeted ads a month. We provide innovative advertising media and monetization solutions for web and mobile advertisers and publishers worldwide.

Our publisher program offers unique advantages for website owners with quality traffic, which include competitive rates, 100% monetization of their digital inventory and personalized payment options. For advertisers, Adsterra Network offers a thorough guide of their digital marketing campaigns to achieve highest volumes of conversion and a higher ROI.

Our experienced and devoted multilingual account managers will guide you to your success and ultimate results. For more information about Adsterra Network, visit

The head office is in Nicosia, Agios Andreas, with approximately 51-200 employees.


Online Advertising, CPM, CPA, CPС, CPO, PPI, Affiliate Marketing Network, Lead Generation, Mobile Advertising, Performance Based Marketing.

How to Register & Install Ads

To register Adsterra ads is very easy, you only need to do a few ways below. Here are the steps:

First, you go to the Adsterra ad publisher registration link, here is the url:

If so, scroll down click SIGN UP! Please fill in the requested data, such as full name and email, then click "Next".

On the next page, you are told to complete the data again, please complete the data, then click "SUBMIT".

Next, "LOG IN" to your adsterra account. Then enter the domain name or blog name that you have via "add tags".

Enter the "Add Tags" menu again then you can choose add domain (which has a plus sign).

Enter the blog or web domain name that you have in the new domain field.

Don't forget, check the type and size of the ad you will choose. You can check all or as much as you need to make it easy for you to change the type or size of the ad later.

Select "Request Approve".

Wait for the approve email, usually 1 to 3 days. However, if this takes too long you can send Skype to Adsterra during office hours. Using Skype can usually be much faster.

Well, if it has been approved then you can install ad code on the blog that you have.

#6 PopAds Network

PopAds is one of the most well-known ad networks in the world of affiliate marketing today, and this is not just because their name fits in well with affiliate keywords when they are looking for pop + buy + traffic ads.

Now let us show you some key facts that we believe will surely catch your attention:

  • PopAds is one of the oldest ad networks around. Founded in 2010. Since then, it aims to maintain the status of special and premium popunder networks. PopAds also has a fairly extensive inventory list and various payment methods available.
  • Other facts that support PopAds: Global Ranking on, which reached # 61 in the ranking including websites from all over the world!
  • It offers advertisements for Adult and Mainstream content websites.
  • Types of advertisements: appear exclusively (Popunder, Popup, Tabunder, Tabup).
  • Cost model: CPV (set bids for each pop)

For publishers - those who have websites and want to sell traffic: this is one of the highest and fastest paid ad networks with a super fast and easy website approval process.

For advertisers - those who are looking to buy popular ad space: this displays a large inventory of from more than 100 countries that filters all proxies, bots, and cellular traffic to constantly improve improvements in traffic quality. In addition, there are many targeting options including categories, keywords, for full speed and quality of traffic control. was founded in Costa Rica and has offices in Poland and the United States. Tomksoft SA company is the owner of PopAds.

Registration process

PopAds registration takes 2 minutes. Whether you register your account as a Publisher or Advertiser type, the platform will ask you to fill in 10 standard fields. There she is!

After registering, all features for Publishers and Advertisers will be provided in only one account.


After registering for your account, you can enjoy a simple, functional and user-friendly ad network interface.

It is divided by three main sections available in any account: Advertiser Panel, Publisher Panel and Account Manager. Since you only buy traffic, the Advertiser Panel will be our focus!

There, you can find a section with an active campaign; a separate section where you can create a new campaign (don't worry: we'll explain the entire campaign creation process below); and the report section to directly track the performance of your campaign.

You can also find an inventory section to get to know inventory variations and estimated traffic volumes (see image below), as well as the number of advertisers currently running their campaigns in certain countries; token section with tracking token details and, finally, knowledge-based tokens with 17 questions currently available.


PopAds offers traffic for more than 100 countries. The US is a country that gets very unique and unique traffic: around 2.5 million views and an average bid of $ 26 per 1000 impressions.

Other countries included in the list of top 10 volumes!

Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam, France, Italy, Germany, England, Mexico and Thailand.

According to PopAds, the statistics presented are daily averages, taking into account the data of the last 48 hours and only including the traffic that was sold.

There, you will see info displayed by country. For each country, you can see some relevant statistics, such as unique traffic, average bids, and a few others.

Technical arrangements

Setting up the technical part to launch a campaign on PopAds isn't too complicated. Here, we want to point out the big drawbacks that we both see on the network: PopAds doesn't support S2S conversion tracking.

On the one hand, you don't need to worry about configuring it; on the other hand, you will not see conversions on their platform, which is annoying.

PopAds also supports cost tracking for several tracking tools which means you can see the exact cost on your tracker, which is useful.

Apart from that, the rest is just a matter of entering the platform tracking token to be included in your campaign's URL and that's it. PopAds also has pre-built templates on most popular tracking platforms, such as Voluum, which makes it easier.

Campaign Creation

Before creating a campaign on a traffic source, it's always nice to have an idea about your inventory so you can choose offers according to GEO for which traffic is feasible. To do this, you can use the "Inventory" option, which has been mentioned in this article.

After selecting your offer and preparing everything ready, go ahead and click "New Campaign" on the left menu in the Advertiser Panel as we have shown above.

PopAds has many options for creating campaigns. Some are very easy while others are somewhat confusing. But overall, everything is well explained.

General information

When in the campaign creation interface, you will see many tabs. The first is "General Information". There, you can manage the most common aspects of your campaign.

After choosing a name, you must enter your URL, which is the URL of your campaign. Here, you can set one URL or several URLs, which must be entered on each line.

Here, you have access to a pretty cool feature: page loading.

What is that?

As you know well, time is the most important thing when you are dealing with pop traffic. Because users usually close popups quickly, the faster your landing page loads, the better chance you have to attract users!

The worst thing that could happen?

When users quickly close your pop, you already paid for it, but you still lose that traffic.

This is where prefetching comes into play. This allows you to accelerate the loading speed of your landing pages. It does so by telling the user's browser to start loading your URL while the platform system is still counting impressions. This means - after the pop is directed to your landing page - the pop may already be fully loaded.

This great feature can make a difference to your tracking system. Because prefetch requests are treated separately, your tracker will count more traffic than PopAds, because it will interpret the feature as two separate clicks: one for your tracker URL, and one for the landing page URL.

However, there is no problem. When you click on the option to enable prefetching, just below the field where you enter your URL, PopAds will give you another field to enter the Prefetch URL.

If you use a tracker, you can place the tracker URL in the first field and your actual landing page URL in the Prefetch URL field. Problem solved!

Regarding quality options: You can choose "quality" from the website that you are targeting. This means you can target all or choose a percentage level, such as only the top 10% or 20%, for example. This quality score is calculated algorithmically and is based on feedback received by PopAds from advertisers working there, regarding each website.

Then, you have very standard things, like Frequency Close, choose whether your campaign starts right after approval, and also whether you target visitors with Adblock or not.

The last thing you need to choose? The type of your ad, the most popular is Popunder.

Budget and Bids

This is an important place where you will choose your bid and budget. The first thing you have to choose is whether you use smart bids or legacy bid options.

In the first, the platform will manage offers to maximize your traffic, clearly respecting the maximum bid limit you are introducing - this is your usual smart bidding system.

Legacy bid options focus on minimizing your traffic costs. It's easy to know that this will limit the traffic that you will receive.

An important thing to remember?

The bid that you set is for each pop. Don't go around setting a bid of 1, or you will say you are willing to pay $ 1000 for 1000 Popunders, for example. The rest is fairly standard - the daily budget and the total campaign budget.

Slowing down

This tool is used to limit the speed of the impressions you will receive. You can deactivate it, using manual retarding, where you set the percentage limits manually, or automatically, where the platform will limit the speed of impressions received based on the goals introduced by you.


Easy enough: just select the category you want to target in your campaign.

If you launch an adult offer, you must select "Adult". In this case, it will add all the categories, or choose specific if you already have specific targeting that you want to go.

On the other hand, if you launch a public offering, you must choose "General" or just choose the specific category you want.

Country Targeting

That's exactly the name. Just select the country that you are targeting in the campaign.

Community Targeting

Select the language and size of the population you are targeting.

Environmental Targeting

No, it's not like you are targeting the rainforest or Greenpeace headquarters. By environment, ad networks mean operating systems, browsers, and screen resolutions that you can include in your campaign.

Here you can also add general or specific things like in "Categories." For "Operating Systems", for example, if you want to add all versions of Android, you only need to choose Android.

However, if you already have good targeting regarding this OS version, you can choose only those that interest you.

Device Targeting

Nothing more, nothing less. Select the device that you are targeting.

The first option is called "Form Factors".

A weird name, right?

Well, this is only the type of device, such as Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, etc. For Mobile campaigns, we recommend that you only target Smartphones and Tablets.

After that, you will effectively choose your device, with the option to choose the general one or even choose a specific version.

Because you have thousands of devices, if you don't have targets from other campaigns, we suggest you just press "add all" and continue.

Connection Targeting

The first thing you need to decide here is whether you are targeting by ISP / Operator or by IP.

If you choose ISP / Operator, the first option you must choose is the connection type. Honestly, you have some funny things there, like "Military" and "Internet Cafes." In our expert opinion, you should choose "Cellular."

Regarding the connection speed, everything depends. If you are targeting Wi-Fi, we recommend selecting everything you see there. However, if you launch an offer only for Operator traffic, select Mobile / Carrier.

After that, you can find the ISP you want to target, which might not be an easy task.


Because PopAds has gained several ISPs for most of GEO. Plus: sometimes, you won't know which one is right to target. If this happens, you can try contacting support.

If you choose IP targeting, you can whitelist - choose modes included - or blacklist - choose modes to exclude - from IP. After you choose this, start writing your IP, one per line.

This feature is very cool in PopAds, because ad networks support all types of IP notation, meaning you can enter, on each line, each IP, IP range, or subnet.

Time Targeting

Easier is not possible. Just select the days and hours when you want your campaign to be active. Plus: choose your time zone.

Website Targeting

Very simple too. If disabled, you can simply launch an RON campaign that targets all network websites.

For the "Exclude Websites" option, you will blacklist certain websites and receive traffic from all other sites, whereas for "Include Websites" are just the opposite - you will only whitelist certain specific placements.


After you click "Summary", the platform will calculate your position based on the bids you introduce, as well as provide you with some info about the highest bid for campaign settings and other relevant info.

After you get this info, we recommend that you return to "Budget" and adjust your bids according to what you see there. If you want to start in the first position, for example, you can set a bid that is a little higher than what PopAds shows you as the maximum bid offered.

After you finish all this, just press "Create Campaign".

Stat and Optimization

PopAds offers you reports on the platform. Now, don't expect them to become very detailed and detailed reports, like you see on DSP, or even on some other ad networks.

In fact, here you can basically see your overall statistics, such as impressions and costs. You can also check data based on Website ID.

All you have to do is click on the report in "Advertiser Panel." Then, choose your date and time range. On the next tab, "Additional Filtering", you can choose to see all campaigns for a particular country, for example.

Want professional tips?

The best thing you can do here is choose the campaign for which you want to see statistics.

Just add the campaign you want and continue!

Under "Grouping and Ordering" you will basically choose how the data will be presented. The most relevant thing here is entering the Website ID into your statistics.

After that, you just click "Generate Report" and you will prepare a very basic report.

A good feature here is that you simply click the last column to enter or exclude websites from campaigns quickly. This means you will be whitelisted or blacklisted.

Another cool feature is the "Token Detail" option that you also have in the "Advertiser Panel." You can enter a website ID or ISP ID there and check detailed statistics for it.

You can enter a website ID that looks interesting in your campaign, for example, and you can choose to want to know more about it.

You can explore all the interesting statistics: a) the traffic that the website has; b) offer.

Want to know where PopAds stands in the "quality" division?

This one is above 10%, for example.

Some things more interesting?

You can find out how many campaigns are targeting this placement, which gives you an idea of ​​the amount of competition, and restrictions that the website has in terms of traffic.

Scrolling down, you will be able to see a map, where you can check locations where placements have more traffic on the green scale.

Further down, some donut charts with percentages from many countries, languages, browsers, operating systems ... well, of all the parameters that you can target in your campaign.

This is a very cool and impressive tool!

Traffic is the Key

PopAds is certainly one of the biggest and most famous pop traffic networks out there.

It has a lot of traffic and options for campaign settings.

Be aware! As the saying goes: "quantity is not always quality!"

This is often true when it comes to PopAds!

If you are not familiar with all of these options, you can receive bad traffic overall!

Unlike most of the top ad networks, PopAds has a very liberal term and doesn't really look for websites with very high traffic from publishers. Indeed, it accepts all types of websites and supports all niches, including adults, dating and goods, without minimum traffic requirements.

PopAds can even approve blog pages with free domains. As a result, the likelihood of the number of good content websites can be very low when compared to the total amount in their inventory.

However, it should be highlighted that PopAds has assigned a quality rating. The better the website content, the higher the value.

If you limit your campaign to higher classification websites, you will get better quality traffic - albeit more expensive!

Additionally, if you are mobile-focused and hear PopAds has incredible traffic and you can't really see what you want, you must realize that most platform traffic is desktop.

Is there money to be made from PopAds?

Of course, as in most places. You must choose well and truly find what can work for you!

Offers & Vertical

Ad Type: Appears exclusively (PopUnder, PopUp, TabUnder, TabUp)

Cost Model: CPV (set bids for each pop)

Vertical: Adult and Mainstream

Payment & Investment

Minimum Deposit: $ 10 for PayPal and AlertPay. There is no minimum deposit for Wire Transfers

Payment methods: PayPal, AlertPay, and Wire Transfers

It is worth mentioning that PopAds allows you to easily withdraw unused funds, depending on the payment solution you use:

$ 5 for PayPal and Payza, $ 20 for Payoneer, $ 2000 for Wire Transfers.

#7 Revcontent Network

Revcontent is the fastest growing content recommendation service in the world, generating more than 250 billion content recommendations per month. Revcontent partners with the most innovative companies and media brands such as Forbes, Newsweek, Reuters, UNILAD, and International Business Times.

Revcontent mission

Revcontent's mission is to ensure freedom of ideas and idea discovery by strengthening personal relationships between people and the sites they visit, and rewards the creators of those ideas with greater returns, empowering them to not only exist, but to develop and expand their ideas and the people they reach.

Founded by current CEO John Lemp, Revcontent aims to become the world's largest content recommendation platform. Revcontent's exclusive partnership with premium publishers builds Revcontent's quality network organically, gives marketers higher involvement and performance, and publishers with higher revenue per user.

As a result of 900% growth from last year, Revcontent continues to make strides in the international market. Revcontent obtained Europe's largest recommendation network, ContentClick, in all cash transactions. Revcontent has a passion and a strong desire to provide solutions that are different from those in the market for the past 8 years, a solution that will return control of the user experience to all publishers and agencies. In acquiring ContentClick, Europe's largest independent content recommendation company, it brought Revcontent one step closer to that goal because they brought great British and European media relations such as Bauer Xcel, Archant, Ladbible, Unilad, and others as well as top-level Advertisers and Agents in Europe to the Revcontent platform.

#8 PropellerAds

PropellerAds was founded in the UK in 2011. The company presents online advertisements with a CPM (cost per million) system to Publishers, as well as a CPA (cost per action) and CPL (cost per lead) system for advertisers. For some Indonesian publishers, PropellerAds is already quite popular even though there are still those who are not so familiar with online advertising networks.

PropellerAds is here to provide services for Publishers and Advertisers. This company accepts blogs / websites from various topics, including; games, movies, entertainment, software, to finance and investment topics. PropellerAds offers advertising media for desktop, mobile and video. And the good news is, PropellerAds offers the easiest solution for earning income online from your website on easy terms.

Earnings from CPM PropellerAds ads are relatively high with fill rates of up to 100% for international traffic. PropellerAds also has sophisticated ad optimization technology so we don't have to bother testing CPAs. To join there is no minimal traffic, you must immediately applied and can directly install the ad code on your website. Uniquely, PropellerAds also offers a referral program where you will get an income of 5% of your referral income, for life.

By carrying out the name On Click Ads, PropellerAds is the global market leader for PopUnder ads. Unlike the PPC (pay per click) program, with a high CPM PopUnder from PropellerAds has the potential to provide greater income from your website traffic.

Become a PropellerAds Publisher

As mentioned earlier, the requirements to become a PropellerAds publisher are very easy, even they can be said to accept new publishers without certain conditions. You can register a blog that uses a paid platform or that uses a free platform. After going through the registration process, publishers can immediately put PropellerAds ad code on their blogs / websites.

Here are some easy steps to register at PropellerAds:

1. Open the PropellerAds home page
2. Fill in the form in the lower right.
  • Email: Fill in your email address
  • Skype: Fill in your Skype ID
  • Website: Fill in the address of your blog / website

After entering your data correctly, click the Start Now button to register. Later the PropellerAds will send an email to your inbox, confirm by clicking the link in the email. After confirmation is successful, you can register your blog / website that you want to monetize.

Types of Ads on PropellerAds

Propeller supports ads for desktops and also ads for mobile. So, if your #website traffic comes from desktop and mobile, then the potential income will certainly be even greater.

Types of Ads for Desktop

There are several types of desktop ads, including; PopUnders, Direct Links, Banners, and others. For complete information about desktop types, please see

PropellerAds ads can be optimized by country and site, this allows a fairly high CPM rate, especially for OnClick ads. According to the data I got, there are currently 3000 active campaigns in PropellerAds which are always supported by a responsive customer support team.

Propellers pay close attention to their advertisers and publishers, all advertisements have gone through a checking process and they guarantee the safety of the ad network so you don't have to worry about problematic advertisements. In addition, the PropellerAds reporting system is also easy and real-time.

PropellerAds supports almost all types and sizes of banners, can be adjusted to ad space on your website. For the areas with the best CPMs are North America, Australia, Western Europe and Eastern Europe. OnClick ads are ads that use the monitor area in full so that the potential to boost revenue up to 200%. This ad also will not interfere with other ad spots on your website, and does not affect the SEO quality of your website.

Types of Ads For Mobile Traffic

For mobile traffic, PropellerAds provides two types of advertisements, namely Dialog Ads and Interstitial Ads. Interstitial and Dialog Ads will make 100% of your mobile web traffic to be earning with safe and quality ads without redirects. In addition, your visitors also easily return to your web content and can be combined with Google Adsense ads.

For mobile visitors, eCPM Rate is up to 3 times higher compared to regular banner ads because CTR and conversion are higher. Ads for mobile traffic can reach the entire world, all smartphone OS. Easy integration without interrupting other advertisements on your mobile web, and there is no need for a mobile optimized website.

PropellerAds payments

There are several payment methods provided by PropellerAds, including via Payoneer, Webmoney, ePayments, EPESE, and also via bank transfer (wire transfer). Soon PropellerAds will also support payments via Paypal. So, publishers can choose the payment method that is considered the easiest because PropellerAds can serve these payment methods well.

Become an Advertiser on PropellerAds

For those of you who want to promote a website or business, PropellerAds can be an excellent option. With an international website network, PropellerAds will greatly facilitate advertisers to reach the global market. Advertisers can choose the type of ad that is considered most appropriate, for example CPM-based ads, CPA, CPL, Pay Per Impression, and video ads.

Each Advertiser will be assisted by a personal Account Manager who is always ready to guide and answer all questions. For more complete information about the Advertiser program, you can contact PropellerAds at

#9 MediaNet is a contextual advertising network that reaches more than 100 million US desktop users. The company reported revenue of 232 million USD for 2015 and managed more than 450 million USD of managed advertising expenses. On August 22, 2016, a Chinese consortium led by Beijing-based Miteno acquired for 900 million USD. This agreement is referred to as the acquisition of the third largest advertising technology ever.

More than 90% of's total revenue comes from the US. The company has seven offices worldwide, including global headquarters in Dubai, and US headquarters in New York City. was founded by group executive company Directi India. is bound to Yahoo! Bing Network to enable publishers to increase advertising revenue. has since been touted as an effective alternative to Google Adsense. In terms of market capitalization, this company ranks 5th in the world & in terms of revenue generated stands out in the 2nd position after Google Adsense. was originally started by Divyank Turakhia, a serial entrepreneur from India. He started the company back in 2010 with only 20 employees. In just 6 years, it has grown to 800+ employees with 6 offices in the US, UAE, Switzerland, India and has become a leading player in the display advertising industry.

Some of the leading publishers and MNCs include Forbes, WebMD, NY Times, USA Today, Good House Keeping, Martha Stewart, Cosmopolitian etc. Use ads on their website.

#10 RevenueHits

Another alternative - RevenueHits is a way to generate revenue streams by monetizing their online assets: websites, applications, videos, widgets, special solutions, search, and pop-unders.

Pop-ups and pop-unders immediately increase revenue without compromising site performance. Large inventory of advertisements promoting performance-based bids, CPM and CPC ads. The rich RevenueHits display and media library ensures that the right ad size and format is available for each application.

RevenueHits also gives customers increased XML feed revenue with real-time bidding. Advertisers compete through the auction process to get access to direct publisher audiences. Revenue and opportunities to display high-quality ads.

To optimize each ad placement, RevenueHits uses a contextual algorithm that selects ads that generate the most revenue for their customers.

Ready to See What RevenueHits Can Do for You?

Footysteam consistently generates revenue with monthly income from RevenueHits advertising topping $ 1000.00 and this amount continues to grow.

The great people behind RevenueHits are always available to answer the questions you have along the way.

That's the 10 best ad networks, the version of, if you're interested, choose one of them. From me, that's all, hopefully useful.
Anas Muhammad Writing on the website is very fun!

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