Ways Players Online Games, Earn Money

Ways Players Online Games Earn Money

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TrikGue.info - Did you know that it turns out that online gamers have a substantial income? Many people think that being a gamer will only be a waste of time. Because it will only spend time on activities that are judged to have no results.

Playing games is a waste of time and energy, playing games also doesn't make a lot of money. Yes, that's the view of some people about gamers who play games.

Many people who do not understand very well that actually by playing games gamers get income. Earnings earned by these gamers through various aspects of playing games.

Being an esport athlete with a high income is not unusual anymore. Gamers can earn more than others who work formally. Today, the ability of gamers to improve the economy cannot be underestimated anymore.

You can see from a number of games that hold the event, the event has prizes up to millions of rupiah. For example Arena Of Valor and Mobile Legend, these two games often hold events with prizes of up to millions.

You only need to log in and play the game, the prizes given vary from money, motorbike, credit, skins, smartphones and much more.

Wow, where do gamers earn their income? Here are sources of income for online gamers that you should know about.

Salary from the Team

Do not think that when there is a gamer who is an expert in playing games will not get money when losing in a tournament. Despite losing, gamers still get a salary from the management team.

Although salary is something that is very private, but there is a survey that has been conducted by ESPN. This survey is to find out the income of gamers in America.

From the survey, it is known that gamers in North America in a year are around $ 105,000.

Jay Won from North America gets a pretty high salary from a game. Jay was still 17 years old and at that time he was paid 2 billion per year. Jay plays an online game called Overwatch made by Blizzard Entertainment under the name "Sinatra".

Jay's salary is above average salary. Jay's salary is greater than the salary of a bank employee or almost the same as the income earned by an entrepreneur. Jay is an example of a professional gamer.

In addition to a large salary Jay also gets benefits such as health insurance, retirement benefits, and at least get 50% bonus from tours and competitions. Jay will also get his first bonus of USD 3.5 Million and USD 1 Million if he wins the game.

Jay will join former coach and co-owner of Selfless Gaming, Brad Rajani, who has now become the coach and manager of his team, Russell "FCTFCTN" who has congratulated Jay.

Not big enough income earned by an online game player? The income of these online gamers can trigger you to continue to be passionate in practicing the ability to play games, so you can get a big income.

Tournament Prize Money in a Game

In games there are certainly many tournaments organized by game developers. These tournaments offer lots of attractive prizes. Prizes given can be a source of income for some online game players.

The tournaments held have huge prizes, for example The International 8 tournament an annual Dota 2 championship has broken the world record for the largest eSports prize category for eight years in a row. The prizes offered are not under responsibility of USD 1.6 Million in 2011 and 2012.

This event has been the most successful tournament since 2013 in the crowdfunded prize category in the eSports world.

The next series of events is The International 8, finally reaching a prize of USD 25.5 Million or around IDR 360 Billion in which the OG team has the right to bring home a total of USD 11.2 Million due to their efforts and hard work.

Video Game Streamer

Never underestimate the small numbers, because there is a saying that a little later will become a hill. One hundred subscribers will eventually become millions of subscribers and will become a source of income for gamers.

That is one source of income for online gamers, both players who are still actively playing games and players who no longer play games. Performing live streaming routines is a must for gamers.

Because with the development of the times showing the ability to be able to play games is a source of income that can be obtained by gamers. People who show video games to the general public are called streamers.

Usually the platform used by gamers to streamer is Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming video owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. In general, the content in Twitch is everything about video games, although there is also music content.

Sources of income from video game streamers are divided into 3 types, namely subscriptions, advertisements and donations. But the main income earned by a streamer is from subscription.

When viewers like the streamers being watched, then they can choose to become a subscriber. The rates charged by Twitch to be a subscriber vary.

Didn't expect it? income of online gamers have a large enough nominal


Professional players will usually get personal sponsorship, if you look at the stage name there is usually a sponsor name as a suffix.

Besides being able to play games, these pro players also continue to do branding or become one of the stars for the advertisements of their sponsor products. So don't be surprised if there are online game players that can exist in the entertainment world.

You certainly do not think that the income of online gamers can reach millions of rupiah, the income obtained was apparently greater than the salary of a bank employee or income earned by an entrepreneur.

That's all from me, hopefully it can be a motivation for game lovers all over the world.
Anas Muhammad Writing on the website is very fun!

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