How to Find High Paying Adsense CPC Keywords

How do you find high paying keywords (HPK) for Google Adsense using the Keyword Planner and LSI Graph? I will tell you how, so you can get high CPC keywords as you expect!

Fastest Way To Find High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords

How to Find High CPC Keywords for AdSense

Why is finding top paid Adsense keywords important?

After buying a domain and building a website or blog, you definitely want to be able to use the Google Adsense program as soon as possible. Therefore, you need to choose a niche where you will target your audience and write several quality articles related to that topic.

If your Adsense earnings aren't so profitable initially, you need to "refine content that gives good keyword rankings with high CPC", because of what? Adsense programs are completely useless for you, if you ignore it.

A simple example, you get 2,000 visitors per day for low-paying adsense keywords with CPCs from $ 0.1 to $ 0.2. Taking a 1% CTR, if you get about 20 clicks, this will only give you $ 2 per day.

Else, if you target and achieve a good ranking milestone for high paying keywords, your adsense revenue will certainly increase. For example, you get $ 1 per click, but you only have a CTR of 0.5% for the same example above, you only get 10 clicks, but this is still quite profitable, which is $ 10 per day you can get, because targeting expensive CPC keywords.

The importance of BPK in keyword research!

If you still insist on getting a better income from this Google Adsense program, you can start a micro niche site, such as LongTail Pro (paid).

If you target low cpc ads, you will definitely have more impressions but less revenue. Even though the CPC data isn't as accurate as mentioned, you can make it a baseline. For example, if a keyword has a CPC value of $ 5.67, you might not get the exact amount for each click.

Sometimes you might get more money for each click and less at other times. It all depends on what type of ad and how many ad offers on the ad. Also the actions involved in completing google adsense ads are also important in revenue results.

LSI Graph tool to get high-paying keywords for Google Adsense

Take the keywords that generate the most impressions, enter them as featured keywords in the LSI graphics tool.

This tool is also able to generate further LSI keywords with other data, including competition, prices, LSI indexes etc. After finding semantic keywords that have high paying cpc, you can sprinkle them in your article in tune with the article's rhythm. This way will increase your adsense income.

How to research keywords using this tool:

▪️ Visit

▪️ Enter "the keywords you are targeting", for example I try to search for keywords "free seo tools", don't forget to check the "reCAPTCHA section", click "GENERATE".

find adsense keywords

▪️ After that a new page will appear, where a large list of LSI keywords will appear, including featured keywords.

find keywords for adsense

▪️ The next step, simply put these keywords in your article.

Do not forget, the use of keywords in the article must be in harmony with the rhythm of the article, not spam.

Look for expensive paid keywords with Google Keyword Planner tool

After you get a Google Adsense account, you can also register for an Adwords account. The Keyword Planner is one of the best tools provided by Google and there is a menu to get expensive keyword ideas.

The steps to use this tool are as follows:

▪️ Enter the Adwords dashboard.

▪️ Click the "Tools" item, at the top.

▪️ From the drop-down select "Keyword Planner".

▪️ Click "Get search volume data and trends".

▪️ Type the keyword for which you want to check the search volume, in the "Targeting countries" section select United States, click "Get search volume".

▪️ To check other keywords, all you have to do is type them in the "Enter keywords" box then click "Get search volume".
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