How to Get a Bank Statement for Your Amazon Store

If you’re an Amazon seller, you may be required to provide Amazon with a bank statement for your store. Payoneer’s Store Manager makes it easy to download this statement. Here’s how.

First, sign in to your Payoneer account, click on Activity and go to Store Manager.

Stores Not Yet Added to Store Manager

If you need a bank statement for a store you haven’t yet added, click 'Add Store' and follow the onscreen instructions. In the 'Account statement details' section, please provide details of your store. Make sure that the account statement details you enter match those used in Amazon Seller Central.

Store Manager Payoneer

For more details on how to add your store to Store Manager, read our blog.

After you’ve added your store, you can choose the store you want to download the bank statement for and click 'Download Statement'.

While adding your store, we recommend connecting it to Payoneer to enjoy the following benefits:

  • See the “big picture” – View all your payments and Amazon stores in one convenient place, and identify which stores are bringing in the most revenue.
  • Get additional receiving accounts – Connect each of your stores to receive new accounts and continue to expand your business!
  • Grow your business with Working Capital – Amazon sellers who have stores connected to Store Manager can accept an offer for Capital Advance, Payoneer’s working capital funding solution that helps businesses like yours to scale and grow.

Don’t worry, Payoneer won’t share information about your connected stores with anyone!

Stores Already Added to Store Manager

If you need a bank statement for a store you’ve already added, then select the store and click on Fill Out Account Statement. Once you provide your details, click on Save and Download Statement.

Payoneer Account Statement

Get your bank statement now! Go to Store Manager. Not a Payoneer user yet? Sign up

Note: Eligibility for working capital solutions is based on many seller criteria, including your sales volume, tenure as a seller, ratings and more. As soon as you become eligible for the service, we’ll let you know right away.
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